Bex1 is a juvenile IDP that mediates tubulin polymerization.

Bex1 mediates tubulin polymerization by providing reaction field that enriches GTP to optimize the polymerizing reaction.

We elucidated the new role of Bex1, a juvenile-expressed IDP (intrinsically disordered protein) for the generation of primary cilia. Bex1-KO mice present ciliopathy phenotypes that resemble a ciliopathy, Joubert syndrome.

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We utilize state-of-art technologies applicable to bioscience. Included is single-cell technology that captures transcriptome within a cell and illuminates cell-to-cell variabilith embedded to living system.


Biomolecules have diverse features that are crucial to achieve the living system. Among the features is low complexity that gives rise to the intrinsically disordered state. Intrinsically disordered proteins make intercellular compartments that play a fundamental role in cells.


A cell is tiny and complex system that is not still theorized. A mesoscale approach is applied to understand the living system and pursues a basic principle.


Living system is a good example that informatics applies to. A cell contains much information in the genome, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome and beyond.